Posidonia Management is a worldwide Port Management Solution which improves port automation and generates events for the full monitoring of the port management processes (vessel movements, the transit of passengers, transit of cargo, berths and moorings for both commercial and leisure tranships, arrival and departure of cruise ships). The goal of this use case is the integration of DataPorts with Posidonia Management System, in order to demonstrate the potential interoperability of the data platform with existing solutions. It will also offer new business opportunities to established companies and innovators to develop services focused on the data fusion, sharing and trading.

DataPorts platform will enable a way of establishing a common view of all available information, and the data as a tool to create a common situation awareness supporting the involved actors in the supply chain in a more efficient decision making. The use case will demonstrate the innovation potential of DataPorts platform in combination with well-consolidated ICT solutions.

The integration of DataPorts capabilities with Posidonia Management system will increase its competitive advantage transforming it into a global and connected solution perfectly integrated in the whole logistics ecosystem. Additionally, all operators and stakeholders will have the opportunity to join and take advantage of the information gathered there and explore efficiency in order to create value in the supply chain.

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