New collaborations with other projects

DataPorts will continue its collaboration with related projects to pursue common goals. In addition to the existing collaborations are pursued with related projects from the Big Data Value PPP and the collaborations with related projects initiated during last year, new possible collaborations with related activities have been initiated: Ammitec is a non-profit scientific association, bringing […]

Data Week 2021 Workshop

DataPorts will organise the workshop titled “Unleashing the potential of ports and maritime logistics via data-driven solutions: Opportunities and Challenges” at the Data Week 2021. This workshop elaborates how data-driven services and applications (including AI-based cognitive solutions) can help stakeholders in the logistics, ports, and maritime sectors to improve their operations. It will also help […]

The Role of the Telecom Industry in Smart Seaports

Telecommunication industry aims to become a key player towards the seaport transformation. Transformation is not only today’s trend but also a reality. Ports could not be excluded from that change. A transformation process has been initiated in order to change their operational structure and the services they offer. Artificial Intelligent and Data oriented services push […]

DataPorts Survey #1

The first survey is focused on the potential stakeholders in the shipping port’s ecosystem and aims to identify the market needs. Through the annually conducted surveys, DataPorts aims to measure the success of the project impact on the Ports Ecosystem. They will also be a valuable source to measure the actual impact of the designed […]

Report of impact and outreach results

The deliverable that reports the impact and outreach results is available The purpose of this deliverable is to present the Impact KPIs that were defined within the scope of the project and set up a process to monitor and evaluate the execution and the measurements at specific milestones. Within the context of this document, the […]

Dissemination results in 2020

The deliverable that contains the report of the dissemination and communication results in the first year of the project is available The document includes information about the dissemination activities through the different DataPorts dissemination channels, which include the Website of the project and the social media platforms, as well as the dissemination package of the […]

Looking back to 2020

In 2020, DataPorts Project has set the basis for the development of the platform DataPorts project started in January of 2020. This project is funded by the European Commission through the H2020 programme. Dataports is  coordinated by the Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI) and relies on the participation of 13 partners from five different nationalities. […]

Collaboration with other projects

DataPorts will collaborate with related projects to pursue common goals The collaboration of DataPorts with relevant, related projects is pursued along two dimensions. First, collaborations are pursued with related projects from the Big Data Value PPP. Second, collaborations are pursued with related projects beyond the Big Data Value PPP. Currently, collaborations with the following related projects beyond the Big Data Value PPP […]

Blockchain design specification

Our first public deliverable, titled “Blockchain design specification”, is available. Blockchain technology will be a core component of the DataPorts platform, taking care of data sharing and data governance policies, and helping DataPorts pilots to build their use cases around the potential benefits of the technology. Firstly, this document establishes the technical specifications for the […]

Collaboration with the BDV PPP

DataPorts is participating in the BDVA activities and exploring possible collaborations with other projects The Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership aims at creating a functional Data Market and Data Economy in Europe, in order to allow Europe to play a leading role in Big Data in the global market. DataPorts is part of the implementation […]

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