Today’s shippers and stakeholders are optimizing their supply chains through digital transformation, where realtime data is the key. This use case aims at integrating DataPorts platform and services with TRX container tracking, which will result in the availability of reliable, trustworthy, private and secure data coming from smart containers. This huge amount of information will be potentially shared with the rest of the supply chain, offering greater visibility, real-time tracking, waste reduction, higher security and potentially faster border clearance. This use case outlines the benefits and potential added value of the combination of the industrial data platform and Smart Container technology in a global scenario.

DataPorts will provide the way to exchange data among different companies involved in the supply chain, as well as a solution to the following issues:

  • continuous worldwide door-to-door visibility.
  • automatic data gathering.
  • acces and data availability of container location and conditions in real-time.
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