Port Community Systems (PCS) are used for the exchange of documents and some data, but not real-time data, some companies use data only from their own devices and the data is not shared, these data sources can be relevant for other actors in the port community. The use of combined data from various sources, could provide high value. The DataPorts platform will provide a secure and trusted environment with all needed tools for exchanging data among different companies. All the data sources available will be connected to the platform, and the owner of the data will define the rules for sharing the data. This use case will focus on the utilization of these combined data for a more efficient conduction of the transport and logistics operations associated to the containers, as well as to comply with all formalities coming from the government and existing regulations.

Use cases:

  • Container tracking: It is difficult to manage status and real-time position of containers, as the owner are the shipping lines, but they are used by terminals, haulier companies and clients.
  • Goods tracking: It is important for customers to know the location of each good in real-time so that they can manage transportation properly.
  • Transport operations: in addition to the location, it is essential to know the different stages in the transport chain combining data from different sources.

Expected benefits:

  • Create a data marketplace available to the port community.
  • Provide all the necessary tools and services to enable the exchange of data among different companies in the port community.
  • Definition of secure rules for sharing data guaranteeing privacy and security.
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