Posidonia Port Solutions all-round integration as both consumer and provider.

Posidonia is a modular solution from Prodevelop for comprehensive port management which improves port automation and generates events to fully monitor all kind of port activities such as vessel movements, transit of cargo and passengers, summary declarations and anchoring operations to name a few.

The goal of this global use case is to validate the integration of DataPorts with Posidonia modules in order to showcase the enormous potential of introducing an overall, wide scope, common data platform (DataPorts) able to work and function with existing port ICT solutions.

This use case will be a two-way integration since some modules of Posidonia will act as data providers and other modules will act as data consumers thus demonstrating an all-round integration with DataPorts.

Validating the integration of DataPorts with existing ICT solutions will give all actors in the port supply chain the opportunity to join and take advantage of the information gathered in the platform while still utilising its own systems. This access to new data will broaden the current available possibilities helping companies to predict events, anticipate actions, accurately allocate resources, better planning, increase efficiency, lower costs, reduce management time, explore new business opportunities and add overall value to the supply chain.

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