The deliverable that reports the impact and outreach results is available

The purpose of this deliverable is to present the Impact KPIs that were defined within the scope of the project and set up a process to monitor and evaluate the execution and the measurements at specific milestones.

Within the context of this document, the association of DataPorts with specific impact categories is presented, as well as the involvement of specific tasks of the project in order to improve the level of operations, the interoperability and the data governance within a secured environment. Measuring the impact of DataPorts is of great importance for its adoption by the stakeholders, towards the expansion and the enhancement of the seaport ecosystem and its operations on the way to its transformation. The benefits for the stakeholders, depending on their position, can be social (improving the services offered to the passengers), economic (increasing the revenues or reducing the operational costs), environmental (by reducing energy footprint and pollution levels), and innovative (by offering newly introduced services).

In D6.3 deliverable, the Impact KPI section presents the association of the Impact KPIs with DataPorts Work Packages (WPs) towards their fulfilment, to monitor their progress during their entire execution and evaluate the results. Each KPI follows separate execution plan and the milestones are set accordingly. The Impact KPIs follow the MoSCoW method that collects the needs of the DataPorts WPs and Tasks.

By fulfilling its KPIs, DataPorts will be able to gain credibility by the seaport community actors and the general public that will benefit for the proposed services. The insights that can be excluded from the project’s impact and outreach activities will be the baseline for the DataPorts expansion and its adoption by the major European seaports and assist in making potential future investment decisions.

KPIs’ progress monitoring is capturing data from measurements that are collected according to the execution plan of each KPI and assessing them to meet specific goals and objectives that will be presented in a KPI Assessment excel tool (Dashboard). The monitoring of each KPI will be obtained in a KPI Assessment Dashboard and will be reported on an annual basis within the context of D6.3 revisions [M24], [M36]. It will provide an at-a-glance view of the progress to have a better picture on how the entire DataPorts Impact is progressing.

Through annually conducted surveys, the impact of the DataPorts activities will be measured at different implementation stages, thus providing valuable insights in terms of data platform’s functionality and its usage. These surveys will take place in three different phases of the project and follow the requirements and the platform implementation stages. The targeted responders may be businesses and individuals that are currently related to the seaport’s community but will try to have responses from private and public bodies that potentially may benefit from their involvement with the shipping ports.

The deliverable presents the results and the analysis of the first survey, which was conducted between Oct. 1st and Nov. 5th, aiming to identify the needs of the seaport ecosystems for data and service, validate the assumptions of the potential beneficiaries and the target groups of organisations or individuals for DataPorts platform and the port pilots’ ecosystem in general. In addition, the survey analysis presents the results on the characteristic parameters that a data driven platform should have from the responders’ point of view.

All this information is available here.

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