The videos showing demonstrations of five components of the DataPorts platform are now available.

Five new videos, which show the use and functionalities of the different components of the platform, are available on our YouTube channel.

The Data Access Component is the entry point of data to the DataPorts platform. This component connects the different data sources to the DataPorts platform in order to provide access to the data and provides the tools to manage the different agents that implement the communication with the data sources.

The Semantic Interoperability Component acts as a middleware layer between the Data Access Component and the upper layers, providing a common data model and interface to access the available data and metadata.

The Data Abstraction and Virtualization Component acts as a link between the main data providers and data consumers of the DataPorts Platform. This component allows access to a variety of data sources through a single endpoint and prepares the data for consumption through pre-processing, filtering and data cleaning operations.

The Automatic Model Training Engine makes use of the data available in the DataPorts platform to generate Machine Learning models able to predict indicators that are relevant for the port business. This component provides a dashboard to automatically create and train a model to predict a specific indicator, which can be deployed as a cognitive service.

The Data Governance Blockchain network is an integral part of the DataPorts Platform and provides the Data Governance Rules (implemented as smart contracts) and Identity Management. In addition, two components of the IDSA architecture are provided by this network: the IDS Broker and the Clearing House.

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