The deliverable that describes the DataPorts platform’s evaluation plan is available.

This deliverable describes the overall strategy that will be used to guide the evaluation of DataPorts’ requirements and use cases. The evaluation plan is divided into two different scopes: requirements and use cases. For each scope, the deliverable clarifies goals, roles and responsibilities, methodology and timeline.

The first scope focuses on the evaluation of all functional and non-functional requirements defined in the project: test cases belonging to each requirement will be executed, ensuring that the project respects and takes in consideration the requirements that have been defined.

The second scope deals with the evaluation of the four use cases of DataPorts: Valencia Port, Thessaloniki Port, Smart Containers and Port Integration. Each use case defines multiple scenarios, and each scenario specifies a series of test cases to be executed to verify its successful implementation. The perceived usefulness and ease of use of the use cases are evaluated through a set of surveys based on the Technology Acceptance Model which will be handed out to the final users after testing the DataPorts platform.

All this information is available here.

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