In 2021, DataPorts Project has advanced in the design and implementation of the platform and use cases.

We have finished the second year of the DataPorts Project. Now, we can say that we are reaching a maturity stage of the project. During this period there have been notable advances in the design, implementation and use cases of the project. This opens a wide range of possibilities to share with others the technical plan of the project and disseminate the content to the technical domains of the project.

For that reason, at this stage the project is interested in finding synergies with other projects, initiatives, or work groups and providing new scientific and academic activity. In addition, to attract the industry actors and end-users, the aim of our dissemination activities is to explain how DataPorts is facing the challenges in the Port sector and illustrate the value of DataPorts Platform to the potential users and stakeholders.

During 2021, two plenary meetings have taken place:

  • 4th virtual plenary meeting (22 – 24 February 2021): this plenary meeting was held online and focused on the design of the DataPorts platform components and the definition of the different scenarios of the pilots.
  • 5th virtual plenary meeting (10 – 12 May 2021): this plenary meeting took place virtually and focused on the set milestones for M18. Demonstrations of the different components of the DataPorts platform were shown and the status of the pilots was reviewed.

During the three days, a first overview of the aspects of the project was given and the first technical working sessions started.

From January 2021, the following objectives have been achieved:

  • Industrial platform specification based on seaport community requirements and challenges
  • Complete definition of the use cases and scenarios
  • First version of the DataPorts architecture
  • Design and implementation of the DataPorts platform components
  • Demonstrations of the DataPorts platform components
  • DataPorts presentation video (available here)  
  • Disseminate the work done in the project and the achievements of the platform in international events and in several scientific publications
  • Strong collaboration with other projects and initiatives

Collaborations with the following projects and initiatives have started this year:

  • Ammitec
  • PortForward
  • SmartShip

You can find more information here.

In addition to these collaborations, DataPorts project liaised with ALICE. DataPorts has been included in the list of the projects liaised with ALICE. ALICE is willing to support dissemination and outreach of relevant projects and outcomes to the logistics industry in order to increase impact of research and innovation into the market. Moreover, DataPorts has been included as a project in The Physical Internet knowledge platform. The Platform is powered by ALICE aimed to be a reference knowledge base for the Physical Internet development gathering experts, projects, companies and relevant documents, videos, papers and events.

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