The deliverable titled “Integration, software quality assurance and deployment plan” is available.

The DataPorts project is being developed by different organizations from different places of Europe, working together as a unique team. Also, the project results will be evaluated in two pilots at the ports of Valencia and Thessaloniki, and two global use cases integrating existing technologies with the platform.

This deliverable describes the steps, information and processes required for being able to achieve the expected results. A complete list of activities, with descriptions and their planning can be found in the document. The aim of the deliverable is not only to identify the tasks to perform but also to help the members of the consortium to create a plan for the rest of the project and set a common way to work together, stablishing, for example, the communication channels between the involved parties.

One of the main contents of the deliverable is the section with the pilot descriptions. For each one of them, some scenarios have been defined. These scenarios match the DataPorts requirements, cover the functionalities, and will demonstrate the benefits of using the platform for the optimization of the port processes. For that purpose, the involved data sources and data providers, processes, stakeholders, goals and results have been described.

These descriptions may be updated in the next deliverables depending on the project needs and evolution.

All this information is available here.

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