DataPorts will continue its collaboration with related projects to pursue common goals.

In addition to the existing collaborations are pursued with related projects from the Big Data Value PPP and the collaborations with related projects initiated during last year, new possible collaborations with related activities have been initiated:

Ammitec is a non-profit scientific association, bringing together the ICT Managers of the global shipping companies and everybody else who is involved in maritime IT & Communications. Ammitec, aims to promote the most efficient usage of modern Technology by “Promoting Seaworthy ICT”, the relevant best practices in the global maritime sector and the empowerment of the ICT professionals.

ASSIST-IoT is an EU H2020 ICT-56-2020 funded research project which aims at design, implementation and validation of an open, decentralized reference architecture, associated enablers, services and tools, to assist human-centric applications in multiple verticals. One of the pilots consists of a port automation scenario. The ASSIST-IoT project began at the end of 2020.

PortForward proposes a holistic approach that will lead to a smarter, greener, and more sustainable port ecosystem and which will include the following features: The introduction of an Internet of Things (IoT) concept for port assets (infrastructure, vehicles, cargo, people). The socio-economic analysis of the port interface with its surrounding area and the port-city, as well as the rest of the logistics value chain.

SmartShip aims to offer a multi-layer optimization in the fields of fuel consumption, energy efficiency and emissions control management, in full respect to the implementation of the requirements of maritime sector regulations and considering applications of circular economy concepts in the maritime as well. The project will deliver an ICT & IoT-enabled holistic cloud-based maritime performance & monitoring system, for the entire lifecycle of a ship, aimed to optimise energy efficiency, emissions reduction, and fuel consumption, whilst introducing circular economy concepts in the maritime field.

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