In 2020, DataPorts Project has set the basis for the development of the platform

DataPorts project started in January of 2020. This project is funded by the European Commission through the H2020 programme. Dataports is  coordinated by the Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI) and relies on the participation of 13 partners from five different nationalities.

During last year, four plenary meetings have taken place:

  • Kick-off meeting (13th, 14th and 15th January), Valencia, Spain: Unfortunately, this has been our only face-to-face meeting so far. Since then, all of our meetings have had to be held by teleconference. We have good memories of that meeting and we look forward to meeting in person again in 2021.

The aim of this meeting was to know each other, to have a common view of the project, to know the organizations’ objectives, understand the guidelines for good project management and mainly start working all together. During the three days, a first overview of the aspects of the project was given and the first technical working sessions started.

Our project coordinator and our technical coordinator directed a Post-it session to know our objectives in the different tasks of the project.

  • First virtual plenary meeting (27th, 28th and 29th April): DataPorts partners were supposed to meet that week in Athens for a 3 days face-to-face plenary meeting. Although it was not possible, COVID-19 did not slow us down, we did adapt and had a very productive 3 days virtual plenary meeting. We began to discuss and work in more detail all the tasks that had started. In addition, more than a full day was dedicated to working on the main aspects of the platform.
  • Second virtual plenary meeting (21st – 22nd September): This plenary meeting was held virtually and it was focused on the definition of the pilots, as well as the different components and subcomponents of the DataPorts platform. In addition, the IPR management and the plans for data management, business, exploitation and impact were discussed.
  • Third virtual plenary meeting (30th November – 1st December): This plenary meeting took place online and was focused on finishing the work related to the set milestones for the end of the year and planning the next 3/6 months activities. In addition, the partners met to discuss the current status of the project and the platform, as well as to continue advancing towards our common objectives.

The technical achievements performed during this year are the following:

  • Definition of use cases and scenarios
  • Identification of data sources that will be connected to the DataPorts platform
  • Definition of the functional and non-functional requirements of the DataPorts platform
  • Definition of the functionalities of the DataPorts platform
  • Design of the DataPorts platform architecture
  • Definition of the security specifications of DataPorts
  • Design of the Blockchain architecture for DataPorts
  • Alignment of the DataPorts platform with the IDS architecture

Moreover, DataPorts has produced the following non-technical achievements during this year:

  • A survey was designed and performed (during a month approximately) in order to identify the needs of data and services in a Port Community. The results of this survey have been presented in deliverable D6.3.
  • Business plan
  • Innovation plan
  • Exploitation plan
  • Website
  • Social media accounts
  • Dissemination material (available here)

Finally, DataPorts has started collaborations with the following projects:

  • Boost 4.0
  • Pixel
  • Pledger

You can find more information about these collaborations here.

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