Two new projects join the DataPorts environment to pursue common goals.

In addition to the already existing collaborations, DataPorts is adding new potential ones related to regional activities closely connected.

The main objectives of this project will be to create a tool based on Digital Twin and Machine Learning to optimise land transportation fleets, as well as to recommend the assignation of a trailer-truck-driver tandem for every transportation order taking the real-life situation of the fleet into consideration. Business rules and AI-based optimization are also taken into consideration for this process.

The VIGIA project aims to develop a federated platform to provide smart tracking of vehicles in industrial environments inside Comunitat Valenciana. To this end, Artificial Vision and Deep Learning will be used to generate digital fingerprints of the vehicles in circulation, Machine Learning to process data sources concerning vehicles, payloads, and occupants and process automation from the data exchange perspective. On top of this, facial recognition algorithms will be employed to process identifications and Blockchain technology will be used to grant immutability and authenticity to the data.

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