The deliverable titled “Use case oriented pilots initial version” is available.

DataPorts is a data platform developed as a result of the project over three years, with two main pilots in the ports of Valencia and Thessaloniki and two global use cases. This document is focused on the development, integration and demonstration of the use of the platform in the defined use cases through a series of real scenarios in order to demonstrate the benefits of the platform, improving current port processes or making it possible to carry out new activities.

The deliverable reflects the initial state of the pilots and is taken as a starting point.

It describes the tasks carried out in recent months, broken down by scenario when appropriate or at a general level when it has not been necessary, showing the participation of the different parties and the methodology followed, as well as the current status of these actions.

Also, descriptions of the scenarios have been extended, adding the interactions with and use of the platform, identifying the different actors that form part of each of them at both the development and execution levels.

In addition, an action plan has been established until the end of the project with the activities to be followed in each of the scenarios, including the participants and the planning of these activities, which will provide a roadmap until the final evaluation of the pilots. During the last year of the project, new applications will be developed and existing systems will be adapted. DataPorts components will be integrated into the ports and the necessary improvements and elements will be implemented to build the data platform, connect it to the sources of the environment and configure the data processing and analysis services and model training for use in predictions and cognitive services.

All this information is available here.

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