The deliverable that contains the report of clustering and scaling-up activities in 2021 is available.

DataPorts main goal is to become the de-facto standard data platform for seaports. For this purpose, several communications and collaboration activities need to be carried out to increase the awareness and the attraction of DataPorts. This approach requires an agile but also clearly defined workflow. Therefore, this document focuses on a strategic and an operative construct to scale up DataPorts on a European level. The strategic part describes the scaling direction to increase the appeal of DataPorts in Europe, while the operative part concentrates on the predefined collaboration with linked projects. In contrast to the strategic part, the scope of the operative part is clearly defined and determined by the limits of the collaboration with linked projects. The strategic part covers a consideration area outside these limitations.

The purpose of the document is to define and interact with strategic initiatives which can provide further awareness about DataPorts. Furthermore, appropriate certificates for DataPorts were selected for building trust in the DataPorts platform.

All this information is available here.

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