DataPorts Platform implementation M27

The deliverables describing the second version of the DataPorts platform components are now available. Deliverables D3.5 “Data Processing Services M27”, D3.6 “Data Analytics Services and Cognitive Applications M27” and D3.7 “Permissioned Blockchain Network M27” are now available on our website. These deliverables present the final design and implementation of the different services of the DataPorts […]

DataPorts at Data Week 2022

DataPorts organized a workshop at Data Week 2022 on May 27 with the participation of other H2020 projects. Data Week is the spring gathering of the European Big Data Value and Industrial AI research and innovation community. This year, it was held online from 25th to 27th of May 2021. On Thursday May 27, DataPorts partners from […]

DataPorts at Posidonia 2022

DataPorts participated in the International Shipping Exhibition that took place in Athens, Greece from June 6-10. In the context of Posidonia, DataPorts organized a Workshop titled “Challenges and Opportunities in Seaports” which presented for the first time the proposed solutions for Data Governance, Processing Services, Analytics and AI, as well as two scenarios from the […]

Report of clustering activities and scaling-up M24

The deliverable that contains the report of clustering and scaling-up activities in 2021 is available. DataPorts main goal is to become the de-facto standard data platform for seaports. For this purpose, several communications and collaboration activities need to be carried out to increase the awareness and the attraction of DataPorts. This approach requires an agile […]

Scalability, Interoperability and Definition Standards

The deliverable that describes the need for scalability and interoperability in the seaport context is available. The digital transformation of the ports towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution is revealing opportunities related to the add-on services that can be provided. Port platforms are now integrating available data sources, capturing the potential needs that arise from the […]

Dissemination results in 2021

The deliverable that contains the report of the dissemination and communication results in 2021 is available. This deliverable reports on the results of DataPorts overall Communication and Dissemination strategy through various channels until December 2021. In scope of this purpose, the present document aims at the monitoring of the dissemination routes of the project. The […]

New collaborations with regional projects

Two new projects join the DataPorts environment to pursue common goals. In addition to the already existing collaborations, DataPorts is adding new potential ones related to regional activities closely connected. The main objectives of this project will be to create a tool based on Digital Twin and Machine Learning to optimise land transportation fleets, as […]

2nd Report of impact and outreach results

The second deliverable that reports the impact and outreach results is available. The ambition of deliverable (D6.8) is to provide the progress, the current status and the assessment of each Impact Key Performance Indicators (KPI), which were presented in DoA and redefined in D6.3, and propose necessary adjustments to fit with the scope of the […]

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