Collaboration with other projects

DataPorts will collaborate with related projects to pursue common goals The collaboration of DataPorts with relevant, related projects is pursued along two dimensions. First, collaborations are pursued with related projects from the Big Data Value PPP. Second, collaborations are pursued with related projects beyond the Big Data Value PPP. Currently, collaborations with the following related projects beyond the Big Data Value PPP […]

Blockchain design specification

Our first public deliverable, titled “Blockchain design specification”, is available. Blockchain technology will be a core component of the DataPorts platform, taking care of data sharing and data governance policies, and helping DataPorts pilots to build their use cases around the potential benefits of the technology. Firstly, this document establishes the technical specifications for the […]

Collaboration with the BDV PPP

DataPorts is participating in the BDVA activities and exploring possible collaborations with other projects The Big Data Value Public-Private Partnership aims at creating a functional Data Market and Data Economy in Europe, in order to allow Europe to play a leading role in Big Data in the global market. DataPorts is part of the implementation […]

Interoperability with existing ICT solutions

Posidonia Port Solutions all-round integration as both consumer and provider. Posidonia is a modular solution from Prodevelop for comprehensive port management which improves port automation and generates events to fully monitor all kind of port activities such as vessel movements, transit of cargo and passengers, summary declarations and anchoring operations to name a few. The […]

The role of Big Data in the port ecosystem

Industrial Data Platforms and seaport community requirements and challenges What is the role of Big Data in the port ecosystem and its evolution? As the Fourth Industrial Revolution is manifesting in ports, their digital transformation reveals opportunities for enhancement of the already existent business processes, as well, the life cycle operations of port logistics operations […]

DataPorts Presentation

A new Industrial Data and Artificial Intelligence Platform aimed at the improvement of the port operations Freight transport activities are projected to increase significantly in next years, transforming the current mobility and logistics processes to become more efficient. Nowadays, only 3% of container terminals are automatized. However, the future of the port industry point towards […]

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